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Decorating Mistakes to Avoid

Posted by Isabel Romano on September 15, 2022

Getting your home’s interior design just right is easier said than done. 

Between choosing the right furniture pieces, the perfect paint colors, the best decor accessories for the space, the ideal lighting, and nailing the proportions, there are a lot of mistakes to be made.


Old Wallpaper

We might think that changing our living space would result in a dreadful appearance. We also knew that if we decided to replace the wallpaper, it would be challenging to get rid of the old one. However, if we agreed to change our wallpapers, we could either do it ourselves or hire a professional to do it for us




Patterned Sofas

Patterns will make our homes look tacky. It would also give the impression that it was created by someone stuck in the 1960s. Floral sofas, chairs, and loveseats gave off a “senior” vibe.


Printed In Floral

Florals may be one of the most popular fashion trends, but not anymore. Even though we had the flowered sofa for a while, we still needed to get rid of it. Floral furniture and fixtures were among the elements that made our homes feel as if they belonged to an elderly lady.




Covered With Framed Photos

Although it may be natural to want to proudly show our favorite pictures, putting up more than a few photo frames will make the room look and feel more like a grandmother’s house. We could purchase a digital photo frame that would allow us to view a slideshow of our favorite photos.




Using Table Doilies

Although we enjoyed using doilies to adorn our coffee and end tables, strongly advise you to avoid this out-of-style trend. It’s best to accept those pieces as they are and clean them on a regular basis.




Exaggerated Living Room

People used to imitate the Victorian royals by putting a lot of things in their rooms to look like them. However, it is more important to be more practical, and we can begin by prioritizing usability over luxury. Remove any unnecessary items and replace them with functional, modern furniture.




Plastic Covered

We understand the desire to extend the life of our sofas, but we would not recommend covering them with plastic covers to keep them safe. Even if it was in perfect condition, it would be unappealing.




Fake Plants

Artificial plants should not be used to decorate our homes because visitors will be able to tell that they are fake. It would also make our homes’ interiors appear to have a portal to the 1990s. The fake plant home décor trend should be relegated to the past and never revisited.




Making Everything Match

We should stop matching everything in our homes; for example, if we painted our room blue, we should make sure that nothing else in the room is painted the same color.




Using Too Many Colors And Patterns

Even though we previously said we didn’t need to match the items in our home, having too many distinct styles and colors would make our home look awful. We should try to maintain a color scheme with a particular pattern. If the walls, curtains, bedsheets, and furniture are all various colors, it might be confusing. It’s fine to mix and match patterns and colors, but we shouldn’t go overboard.




A Cluttered Kitchen

One of the biggest mistakes that so many homeowners make is having a cluttered kitchen. A kitchen should be an area completely functional with a lot of available counter space. Along with looking awful, a small countertop that is crowded with appliances and dishes leaves no room for you to do anything.




Inadequate Lighting

For some strange reason, fail to notice this important aspect of a home. 

Lighting might be tricky at times, but having insufficient lighting throughout your house is the last thing you want. Inadequate or poor illumination can cause eye strain, headaches, and even exhaustion. So, be sure that each space has an appropriate level of brightness.




Word Art

This one is a big no. Most of the time, people who can’t afford high-quality art often choose items like this instead, however it is preferable to decorate your home with different types of artwork.




Fake Fruit

Nothing screams cheap and tacky more than a fake fruit bowl acting as a centerpiece. This is a serious rookie mistake but many individuals don’t realize it. Do not be lazy and instead pick up some real fruit and have that on display. At least your guests will be able to enjoy biting into something tasty instead of something made of plastic.


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